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Prices include delivery!
Order before 12pm for same day delivery

Monstera El Salvador in Berlin Pot

$65.00 inc. GST

Choose from our range of carefully selected potted indoor plants, available for same week day delivery when ordered before 12pm. The price includes delivery to many selected Brisbane suburbs.

This plant measures approximately 50cm.

Our deliveries happen between 12:30pm and 5pm. We are unable to deliver by a certain time, which includes deliveries to schools and businesses. We aim to complete all of our deliveries by 5pm.

Your monstera will enjoy a well lit position in the home, out of direct sunlight. These plants were originally found under the cover of large trees in the jungle, so they don’t like direct sunlight and their leaves will burn if they are exposed to too much sun.

If you prefer the trailing look, don’t use a stake and let the plant do its own thing. Use scissors or snips to remove any damaged or dying leaves so that the plant can redirect its resources to the healthy parts of the plant.

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