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Order before 12pm for same week day delivery

Caring for your flowers

There are a few simple things you can do to lengthen the vase life of your flowers and ensure that you get to enjoy them for as long as possible. If you have any questions about the flowers you have received, please reach out to our customer service team and we will be happy to help.

If you receive a wrapped bouquet, the first thing you can do is remove the paper and allow the flowers the breathe. Flowers are generally wrapped to protect the blooms during transit. The sooner you can remove this, the better as it allows a natural flow of air to the parts of flower that are tucked down in the paper. To reduce the use of plastics as much as possible, we choose to use a recyclable white Kraft paper to wrap all of the bouquets that we create.

Not too big, not too small. When choosing a vase for your flowers it’s best to opt for something with an opening that allows the flowers to sit comfortably. If your vase is too small, your flowers may not get the amount of water they need and they may not look as nice as they would if they were sitting in a more suitable vase. The most important thing is that the bottom of the vase is large enough to hold a substantial amount of water and that it’s strong enough to hold the flowers.

When the stem of a flower is cut, the end starts to callus over time which restricts the amount of water the stem can then drink. This is why florists always recommend snipping about 1cm off the ends of your stems before placing them into water. We always recommend cutting on a sharp angle so the ends of the stems aren’t flat and sitting directly on the bottom of the vase. Following these simple steps will help to prolong the vase life of your flowers.

We all know flowers need water, but a lot of us are unsure just how much. We always recommend filling your vase about 3/4 full. Not all stems are cut to the same length so it’s important that the water is high enough for them all the reach. It’s also important to remember that flowers actually drink the water through their stems, so not enough water in the vase means it will likely be empty quite quickly and your flowers will not last very long as they will become dehydrated.

Did you know that leaves and foliages that are sitting below the water level will make your water turn yucky faster. Our florists will remove most of the unnecessary foliage on the stems of flowers while preparing your arrangement. When you place your flowers into your vase, take care to remove any remaining foliage or flowers that may be sitting in the water. This will help your water stay fresher for longer.

It’s no secret that flowers aren’t a big fan of the heat. We live in a very warm climate and summer can be a challenging time for flowers and florists! We do our best to make sure we keep flowers in our cold room for as long as possible. We always recommend placing your flowers in a room with air conditioning if possible. Flowers that are kept in a cool space will always last longer, but we know this isn’t possible for anyone so if you don’t have air conditioning available, keep them in a cooler room in the house and out of direct sunlight.

A flower arrangement typically contains many different blooms, each with the own unique qualities. It’s normal to see some flowers enjoy a longer vase life than others and very reasonable to expect some stems to perish earlier than some of their flowery friends. If some of your blooms have wilted, that’s normal. Just remove them from the arrangement and let the rest of the flowers remain in a nice, clean vase to live out the rest of their beautiful, happy lives.

Flowers like fresh water just as much as we do. Changing the water every couple of days will help prolong the vase life of your flowers. Each time you do this, we recommend snipping the ends of your stems again. Remember, flowers are a natural product and we don’t get to determine their life span, we can only help to prolong it by caring for them properly. By following these steps, you are doing everything you can to ensure you get to enjoy your flowers for longer.

If you receive a vase arrangement, some of these steps will already be done for you. We always recommend checking the water level in your vase when you receive it. Sometimes water can be lost during transit so it’s always helpful to check your flowers have enough to drink. Following the after care steps for your vase arrangement will help prolong the vase life of your flowers and allow you to enjoy them for as long as possible.