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Meet the team

Say hello to the faces behind the flowers! Our team consists of a wonderful group of people from Florists, Customer Support Staff, Team Leaders and Flower Couriers. We all love what we do and look forward to meeting you face to face one day soon!



Elli is the founder and creator of Poppy Rose. She has a mixed professional background, taking a while to find her way to being the flowering business lady she is today. She loves to travel, read, learn random things and do anything that involves creativity. She also loves an ice cold schooner on a warm Summer’s day. Her favourite flowers are Dancing Lady Orchids, Poppies and Sweet Peas.



Emily has been with Poppy Rose for over 5 years. She started as a flower courier but we knew within days we needed her in the store. She is our store manager, work mum and our Jill of all trades. She’s up bright and early every single morning, planning for the flowery day ahead. Em loves camping, spending time with her family, reading and cheeky afternoon snoozes. Her favourite flowers are Frilly Tulips.

A girl holding a big bunch of pink flowers, available for delivery in Brisbane


This is Grace, she’s the real OG and is our longest standing florist, being with the company for nearing five years. As a Senior Florist her days start early so she loves an afternoon nap and spending time with her snag, Archie. When asked what her favourite flower was, she listed more than a few but we’ve managed to narrow it down to Hydrangea, Hyacinth and Sweet Peas.  



Say hey to Maddie, the sweetest little florist that ever did exist. Maddie has been working with Poppy Rose for many years and is one of our Senior Florists. She is a very talented florist who also runs her own wedding floristry business. She loves all things sweet, floral and pastel. At this point in time her favourite flowers are Poppies, Sweet pea and Delphinium. 



Or Tina, as she is known to us. Tina is also a Senior Florist at Poppy Rose and is an absolute sweetheart! She is our resident baker and supplies us with sweet treats on a regular basis. Tina loves hanging out with her beautiful greyhound, Ziggy and enjoys a cheeky G&T on the weekends. If she was forced to choose, her favourite flowers would be Hydrangea and Dahlias.



Roxy joined us in store after starting out as a courier. We knew she had floristry experience so it was only a matter of time before we scooped her up and bought her in. She’s always ready to step up and learn new things which we love about her. She’s always up for a chat about the weird and wonderful parts of life! Currently, Roxy’s favourite flowers are Dahlia’s, Delphinium and Zinnia’s. She also says this is an unfair question because there’s too many.

A woman in arrangement blooms at florist shop in Norman Park, Poppy Rose


Rach joined us towards the end of 2022 as our Customer Service superstar. She spends her days hanging out in the office and getting your orders ready for dispatch. She looks after our inbox and answers the many questions that come through each day. Rach has some awesome ideas and a marketing degree and is a keen little bean, so we’re excited to see her role develop into something very different in 2023. Her favourite flowers are Cosmos and Dahlias.

A woman holding a vase of native flowers at Poppy Rose Brisbane


This is our sweet, sweet Tiana, she’s part of our team of creative and talented florists. Never have we ever met such a lovely, kind and caring individual. Tiana lives and breathes flowers and it shows in everything she does. You’ll find her going that extra mile to make sure no flower in our studio misses out on the care that it needs. Everything she creates is beautiful and we adore her as much as she adores flowers! When asked what her favourite flower was she said “every single one of them”.

A happy woman dancing with bunches of flowers in Brisbane


Ellise is a our little ray of sunshine. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around! Ellise started as a Flower Courier and when an opportunity to join us in store opened up, she didn’t hesitate! She is now our admin superstar, spending her days hanging out in the office and getting your orders ready for dispatch. She looks after our inbox and answers the many questions that come through each day. Her favourite task is potting plants for the website. Most of the time, she can’t get over how cute they are and has to stop and make us look at them. She’s right though, they are pretty cute!