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Order before 12pm for same week day delivery

Ficus Burgundy

These indoor plants are very easy to care for. They’re a great option for newbies and people learning to care for plants as they are quite hardy and low maintenance. Another name for these plants is the Ficus Rubber Plant.

Your Ficus will prefer a spot in the home with bright, indirect light. So a space with great natural lighting, but not sitting in direct sunlight. This plant isn’t the best option for a dark space that doesn’t attract much natural sunlight.

You want to wait until the soil drys out before watering your Ficus. If you’re not sure if the soil is dry, poke your finger as far as you can into the top of the soil and see if it’s moist. If so, hold off watering. If the under soil is dry, you can go ahead and water the plant. As with all plants, drainage is important, so make sure when you do water your Ficus, the water has somewhere to go so it doesn’t sit at the bottom of the soil and cause root rot or fungal problems.

Gently wipe down the plants leaves to keep them free from dust. Use scissors or snips to remove any damaged or dying leaves so that the plant can redirect its resources to the healthy parts of the plant. This plant looks great with the use of leaf shine. When pruning your Ficus look out for the sap that may leak from where leaves have been cut. This can cause mild skin irritation in some people, so if you do get any on your hands or skin be sure to wash it off with warm water and soap immediately.

The sap of the Ruby Burgundy can be mildly toxic to humans and pets. If ingested, it may cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting. We always recommend doing your own research on the toxicity of plants and making your own decisions about whether the plant is the right one for your home.