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Ficus Creeping Fig

The creeping fig can also be known as the climbing fig. This plant is most often seen growing outdoors but it can also be grown indoors with some extra love and care. This plant is also called a ficus pumila.

The creeping fig will be happiest when placed in a well lit space, out of direct sunlight. It can also tolerate low light conditions. These plants love to grow and may need to be pruned to keep them from overgrowing.

The plants like a heavy drink. Ensure you water thoroughly, until water comes out of the bottom of the pot. It’s important to ensure the roots at the bottom of the pot get enough to drink. Keep the soil moist at all times and avoid letting it dry out between watering. You will likely need to water more often in the warmer months, and less often in winter. As with all plants, drainage is important, so make sure when you do water your Ficus, the water has somewhere to go so it doesn’t sit at the bottom of the soil and cause root rot or fungal problems.

You can prune this plant as much as you like to keep it the size you’d like it for your home. It doesn’t mind being bound by a pot, but it’s recommended to gradually move your creeping fig into a larger pot every couple of years. If you notice your creeping fig looks dry and crispy, try and soak the plant in water overnight by sitting it in a tub with 2-3cm of the bottom of the pot submerged in water. Watering throughly from the top at the same time will help your plant get a nice, big drink. Be sure to not let the plant sit in water indefinitely as this can cause root rot and other issues.

This plant can be toxic to pets. We always recommend doing your own research on the toxicity of plants and making your own decisions about whether this plant is the right one for your home.