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Philodendron Heart Leaf

This is a very popular house plant and loves to climb and trail, so it makes quite the statement in your home.

Your Philodendron will be happiest in a space will lots of natural light, but out of direct sunlight. Their leaves are quite delicate and will burn if exposed to too much direct and harsh sunlight.

Use room temperature water rather than cold water when watering your Philodendron. Allow the soil to dry out a little bit between watering. If you’re not sure when to water, poke your finger a couple of cm’s into the top of the soil and see if it’s moist. If so, hold off watering. If the under soil is dry, you can go ahead and water the plant. As with all plants, drainage is important, so make sure when you do water your Philodendron, the water has somewhere to go so it doesn’t sit at the bottom of the soil and cause root rot or fungal problems.

There are a couple of types of heart-leaf philodendrons. Var. oxycardium has new leaves that are glossy and brown and var. scandens has new leaves that are light green in colour. There are some variegated varieties out there too which are sometimes mistaken for Philodendron but may actually be a type of Pothos.

This plant can be toxic if ingested by humans or animals, so be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets. We always recommend doing your own research on the toxicity of plants and making your own decisions about whether the plant is the right one for your home.