Order before 12pm for same week day delivery.

Order before 12pm for same week day delivery

Valentine's Day

Wednesday February 14th

Valentine's Day Collection

We have now SOLD OUT for deliveries.
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Valentine's Day Flower Deliveries

We’ve been delivering Valentine’s Blooms across Brisbane for almost a decade. Each year we’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of flowing through our community. Love notes passed between lovers, friends and everything in between. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for mooshy and romantic gestures. It’s a chance to shower yourself with love and care too. Treat yourself like the superstar you are, and if that means buying yourself flowers, then we’re here for it.

Support your local florist this Valentine's

Consider your local florist your modern day Cupid this Valentine’s Day. That’s literally what we’re here for. One word of advice from a well seasoned team of florists – this isn’t one of those fashionably late parties. Beat the rush and get ahead of the game. Your florist will totally love you for it and you won’t run the risk of missing out and landing yourself in the dog house. It’s a very busy time for anyone in the flower industry, so a little kindness goes a long way when ordering your Valentine’s Day blooms.

Spread love and kindness, every day

Valentine’s Day is just one day, but it’s also the perfect excuse to show some love to everyone who matters in your life. Your partner, pals, family, and yes, even yourself! Take a second to recognise all the love and support swirling around you. Most importantly don’t let the love train stop at just one day! Keep the celebration going strong, sprinkling love, kindness, and connection like confetti every single day. Whether it’s a grand gesture or a tiny act, let the love flow freely!